30 January 2012

Freeze Frame...

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David Jimenez

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I am such a believer in the overwhelming aesthetic of a wall collage. I think anyone can do the task and that there really is no right or wrong to how your eye decides to group various photographs or pieces of art. My only advice if you are going to tackle this project is to use two hooks on each piece for hanging rather than one center hook to avoid constant shifting. Spacing and varying matting sizes are all personal preference. Frames are personal preference, and I am not afraid to mix the styles. As far as the work, black and whites are stunning - especially when grouped, but a teeeny colorful watercolor can have just as impactful of a result. Life is short - I say just throw them up there so you can enjoy viewing the work!

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17 January 2012

Minor Detail - Major Mileage...

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Palmer Weiss

Vicente Wolf

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Isn't it amazing how a detail as small as a tape trim is able to transform a otherwise plain, simple piece of upholstered furniture into a chic, tailored piece? This is one of the reasons I so love design. The ability to catapult something into another category by adding the slightest improvement. Genius! For those of you who try this out be careful of going too light on the tape if you use it on the seat or in a high traffic area. Your initial love could become your biggest eyesore!

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10 January 2012

To Wine or Not to Wine?...

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Sandra Nunnerley

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Thomas Pheasant


James Michael Howard

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Wow - how lovely would it be to have such a budget to design and have your very own wine cellar? I finally visited Napa two years ago and absolutely fell in love! The weather is impeccable with a pretty amazing backdrop to boot. I have been able to learn a bit about wine over the past several years and I love learning all the interesting facts that come with it (although retaining the facts is another story). The details necessary that go into designing a room to store wine properly are unbelievably specific, even daunting. Thank goodness there are designers who specialize only in wine cellars to help those of us who would accidentally overlook details that seem minor to a non-collector. Be careful - that mistake could cost you!!!

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01 January 2012

Cheers to 2012!!!...

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I hope everyone has enjoyed bringing in the new year! Happy twenty twelve everyone!...