25 October 2011

Animal House...

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I am such an animal lover! I adore how all of these nurseries bring animals into their themes through rocking horses, life-sized stuffed animals, books, wallpaper, and faux mounts. Animals captivate children and what better surrounding besides love to place a child?

On another note, I am thrilled to know that my little sister and 4 of my best friends are all expecting within 3 months of each other! I cannot wait until late spring/early summer to meet all these new babies!!!! Check out the blog attachment below which is from my sister, Emily Covey. She just finished a renovation of her adorable bungalow in Houston and this was her clever way of telling all of her friends the news. Be sure to watch the video!!!!!

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16 October 2011

Ze Tub...

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Bathroom design is always great fun for me because I am constantly trying to create retreats where the client enjoys getting ready in a beautiful, serene and still functional environment. Lately, a few of my projects have had the free standing tubs and I must say that if I were to design a bathroom for myself right now I would lean towards this type of tub. They can be super sleek and just as easily look quite traditional with a footed base. The view is dramatic to walk into a bathroom and see the tub design. Obviously the newer designs are takes on the classic claw foot tubs, which I must say I have always loved in homes. I hear the plumbing is a booger to install, but thankfully I am able to leave that task to another professional!

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11 October 2011

Holy Details...

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I am taken by the details. End of story. Be it the petal of a flower, the brick pattern at a church, the monogram on a bath towel, a sunrise or the stitch on clothing. Whatever it is I am a sucker for it. I have an immense respect for the people who create details, either solo or as a team. I believe anything that adds beauty to this world is a positive thing and that makes me happy. I am most amazed with the beauty of nature. I am ALWAYS in awe of the breathtaking beauty that surrounds me! Thank you God!

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