25 May 2011

Pink Lady...

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Pink! L-O-V-E! And lately I have become especially obsessed with it. Clothes, accessories, shoes - I have even gone as far as painting my bedroom. And I am in heaven. I love going to sleep in the color and waking up in it. I especially love the color it is when I have lamps on only. If I really think about it, I have always been a fan of the color in a shades, but as of late I have really noticed this. I was motivated to paint my room pink after helping a friend pick out a soft blush pink for her daughter's nursery. I walked in the room and was completely inspired and I had the painters over the next morning. Pics to follow at a later date! So girly - what can I say? I'm a total chick!

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19 May 2011

Stripe Magic...

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Stripes are such a fun and graphic way to make a bold statement in a room or in fashion. Their repetitiveness helps set a tone without offending the eyes. The options are endless as far as width and pattern repeat. The look will still read as a stripe even if the width of the actual stripes vary. I love them on upholstery, rugs, tableclothes, tops, shoes, and even in landscape design. The trick that a stripe possesses is the ability to lengthen something visually - which is exactly why I never will wear horizontal stripes from the waist down :)

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16 May 2011

Cleaning It Up...

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Laundry Rooms - how nice would it be to have one of an ample sized bedroom - right!!! Regardless, I have always felt that a laundry room should be extremely organized and very clean (no pun intended). If I were designing a bigger one for myself I would be certain to include a working table in the center of the room for extra surface. I would most likely do mine well lit, white marble counters, white tiles and subtle flooring. That is not to say I do not think a few of the images above are fun - I love the wallpapered rooms. I just think I would want clean lines and clean design to promote what happens in that room.

Don't you just love Mondays?!!!...