28 June 2011

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I have been stuck in what I call my "computer jail" lately and am really itching for a vacation. It is a good thing that I like my office considering how much time I spend in it. Needless to say, I am thrilled about the idea of detaching from everything and relaxing. I need it! Counting down the days...

Happy Almost Vacation...

19 June 2011

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If you live in Houston in the summer it is pretty much a no-brainer that you need to have one of these or know someone well who does so you may have access to your sanity. Each summer (actually it is technically and unbelievably not even summer yet) I am shocked by the intensity of the heat, yet I must have a selective memory because I am astounded every time it rolls in. And it rolls in with a vengeance, and mosquitoes and humidity to boot. We have already experienced record-breaking temperatures here and it is only the tip of the iceberg (haha!). I dream of being submerged in a pool (preferably with a chiller) day in and day out.

Hope everyone has a cool Monday!...

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! by laurasmitchell featuring polarized sunglasses

12 June 2011

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The lantern - a beautiful design. The well known shape always brings images of European post lights at night. The hanging piece is a stunning edition to an Entry, Breakfast Room, or Family Room. The lines are not too heavy, yet heavy enough to initially elevate your eye to a focal point so you visually look at room from up to down. I do not have a finish preference and always make that call depending on the scheme of the room. Different manufacturers have nailed the options in today's market offering anything form your standard rust or black finish, to shiny nickel to painted tole in a variety of shades. My favorite visual effect is doing a series of them down a hallway.

Happy Monday!...

07 June 2011


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Yellow - is it the most refreshing color out there? It is, in fact, very seasonal and I am almost certain I cannot stop thinking of it lately because I feel like the sun is sitting right next to me with our record-breaking temperatures in Texas. Regardless, I do believe it can be unseasonably incorporated into a room and have beaming effects (for lack of a better word :)). It is more often than not a warm color - or maybe that is how I prefer it is used. It is a happy color and I have often used subtle tones of it throughout houses on the walls. I think it is an amazing neutral for common use areas when it is done in the correct hue. It is also a wonderful color to use as a popping accent sparingly.

Have a bright & sunny Thursday!...