31 October 2010

Happy Halloween...

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View of Serengeti sunset with Verreaux Owl in Foreground via Laura S Mitchell

Halloween is such a fun-filled holiday filled with happy children (on sugar highs!) and a fun adult camaraderie that puts everyone in a celebratory mood. The perfect holiday to start practicing for the real holidays! I often am reminded of the "scariest moment" of my life when I had a ghost experience. I know - I thought anyone who fell for all that jazz was a little off their rocker...until I actually had one myself. I 100% believe in ghosts and I am terrified of them! I shudder recalling the experience....

Boo! Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween...

29 October 2010

Eyes to Feet...

Run - don't walk to Old Navy!

27 October 2010

A Splash of Morocco...

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Madeline Stuart

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Kristen Buckingham

Big fan of Moroccan rugs over here! Especially the pile ones. I am attracted to the consistent inconsistencies of the rugs as well as the shag feel. I also am drawn to the geometric patterns the rugs present. Overall I am not a huge fan of your typical shag rug, but give me a Moroccan one any day. My feet just beg to rest on one. Prepare your wallet though because these babies are not cheap!

Happy Halloween weekend to everyone!...

21 October 2010

Greige and Shades of Sun...

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Farrow and Ball

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Yellow worked with gray is a very classic combination yet at the same instant modern. The fashion houses show it as a huge current trend although it has been used in conjunction forever. It is a scheme I never really think of initially but am always pleased when I end up there. The effect can be both subtle and dynamic. I may go buy a mustard sweater to wear with some gray trousers for the season?

Great weekend wishes to all!...

15 October 2010

Blue and Why Not?...

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Ashley Whittaker

It is nice to throw in a piece or a few of blue and white porcelain for a traditional anchor. I will use it in projects as decorative objects on shelves and furniture or as a piece to store kitchen utensils or pencils depending on the sizes. There are so many reproduced pieces available now that it is fun and affordable to use as a small collection or just a piece. They make for great party centerpieces.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!...