28 April 2012

A Little Bit of Zing...


Yellow is able to add so much personality to a room.  All you need is a touch of the color and BAM - you just added a little touch of happiness!  A jar full of lemons or the fun yellow handbag will do the trick. 
Bear with me - I am trying to figure out the odds and ins of the new blogger format.   

Happy weekend (we are having a beaut here!)!...

14 April 2012

Magic of the Bulb...

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Thomas Edison was obviously a genius. The light bulb has the ability to transform an otherwise stale space into a piece of art. The dimensions added to a space by the unpredictable fall of the light is pure beauty. The way the light reflects items is amazing to me and such a source of happiness. I always love walking into a home that is perfectly lit by beautiful lamplight. What better canvas to bring alive that a beautiful sky. Candles will do the trick, too, but Mr. Edison was well on to something when he invented the actual bulb - and I would like to thank him!

Happy Sunday!...

07 April 2012

Happy and Sweet Easter!!!...

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I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend! We are having amazing weather here in Texas, and I am certain the bunny rabbit will be very eager to visit and probably want to spend a little extra time here enjoying the day! Spring sure does make me happy!!!

Happy Easter Weekend to all!...

02 April 2012

In the Hot Pants Seat...

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The vanity table! So many of my clients opt to omit the vanity area and I strongly urge that clients do NOT skip on this area. It is a little haven that if someone does not sit down it is still functional as a completely girly, vain, beautiful storage area! I stand to apply my make-up, but I use my stool every day to put on boots or tie my shoes or more realistically to catch discarded outfits!

Happy Monday! April showers bring May flowers!!!...