29 November 2010

Dressing the Door...


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Southern Living

I have so much fun decorating for Christmas! It makes me very giddy to see all the lights and decor throughout town. The creative ways people come up with to show their holiday spirit never cease to amaze me. The front door is obviously a visual focal point for the outside of your home. I often opt for simplicity with a simple garland and some white lights. Some of these pictures represent decorators who have more than 24 hours in their day, but I can promise if I did I would go nuts with the magnolia leaves, pine cones, and whimsically shaped wreaths!
Happy door decorating!...

23 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...

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What a fantastic holiday! Being able to spend time with family and friends and eat an absurd amount of delicious food and wine is something I am certainly grateful. It doesn't get much better than that! I love that we have a holiday to specifically give thanks for all of our many blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!...

Bring on the Bird...

Bring on the Bird...

20 November 2010

The Race is On...

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The race is on for the holiday craziness! I found myself humming a Christmas tune that was playing in the background at Starbucks this morning. I am all about becoming as organized as humanly possible this year to avoid the normal holiday stress that we all experience. I figure (and know from experience) that there is inevitable stress with the season so any way I am able to alleviate it and enjoy the season I am all for it! Please wish me luck with my experiment ;)Here's to extraordinary organizing skills and the luck needed to achieve them!

Happy Saturday!...

17 November 2010

Lounging Around...

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These images make me want to grab a good book and just sprawl out. I love it when I can look at something and feel comfortable. I am all about mixing it up in a living area by adding a chaise lounge. I am installing one in a home now. They are inviting for the space and automatically present guests with the idea that the owner wants the guests to be comfortable. And we are all for comfort, aren't we?
Happy mid week wishes to all!...

14 November 2010

Wrap it Up...

Billy Baldwin - The Great American Decorator

What a great thank you gift I received - thank you Alex! Take note of the simple and chic yet easy wrapping for Christmas gifts...

11 November 2010

Rock On...

Bryan Ferry

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Molly Sim's Living Room
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Gotta have a little bling every now and again! Rock crystals in the form of lamps, chandeliers, decorative pieces or art always take it to the next level adding another dimension. The reflective quality and pure beauty of these pieces always make me happy. Translated into clothes they can be mirror or sequined embellishments - anything to add a little extra sparkle!
I hope you get out your dancing shoes and have a fabulous weekend!...