26 December 2011

Merry Christmas!...

I hope a LOVEly Christmas was had by all!...

24 December 2011

Setting the Scene...

*All images to be identified after Christmas

It has come upon us so quickly this year and it is here! The most important part of the table is not what is on it, but who is around and who is not around it, but breaks our hearts because we wish they were. Even if the table top is bare, the best accessory/decoration on any table (hands down) is the love felt by everyone filling the seats. I hope everyone cherishes the memories!

Merry Christmas Eve!...

18 December 2011

Start Wrapping It Up...

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It is prime time to pull that wrapping paper and ribbon out if you have not already done so! I always find that wrapping all of my gifts somewhat consistently is not only more aesthetically pleasing for me to look at under the tree, but it is also easier because I am able to buy the materials in bulk and then just knock it all out. I enjoy wrapping, but I realize that the majority of people do not, so hopefully these pictures will give you some visual inspiration for wrapping all of your goodies in a creative way. Often a simple package with a sprig of fir will do the trick!

Happy wrapping!...

11 December 2011

L'abre de Noel...

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We are fast approaching the big day and there is no better time than the present to set your tree up and decorate that bad boy. If you are not feeling the love I suggest heading to your local Target and grabbing a table size tree to see if it helps put you in the spirit. Remember to enjoy the season and try not to get too wrapped up in all the stress and consumerism - no pun intended (hahaha)!

Oh how I love Mondays!...not.

07 December 2011

Christmas Circle of Life...

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The wreath. Isn't the circle that continues the perfect symbol of Christmas? There are so many different fun ways to express the joys of the season of Christmas with a wreath - pine cones, boxwoods, pictures, berries, feathers or even starburst mirrors as Suzanne Kasler does! You can spend an arm and a leg or save some money and pull out the glue gun and floral wire. Either way the expression is synonymous with the season and I am all about them!

Happy wreathing!...