26 June 2010

I'm Floored...

Jon Vicarri via Coco+Kelley

via The Paris Apartment

Kristen Buckingham via Elle Decor

Floor tiles from Hotel San Jose

I so enjoy seeing fun patterns on the floor. Floor tiles are a wonderful way to acquire this look. They are very functional in rooms because they giving the effect of a patterned rug, but they are a much easier surface to clean without much worry of staining.

Happy weekend wishes to everyone!...

20 June 2010

Happy Dad's Day...

via Martha Stewart

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!...

10 June 2010

Pop Goes the Door...

via Flikr via Little Green Notebook

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Miles Redd

via Brown Design Inc

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Have a little summer fun - paint your front door in a high gloss enamel color. I probably would not actually want to have my front door painted in a color other than a neutral color, but for those of you who are a little more adventurous I think it could be a fun alteration and pretty non-committal being that the space is so small. Often I paint the interior of the exterior door in the same color and finish to give the space a little pop. I use a paint used on cars which makes for a very good element protector. Or you could just enjoy the pictures ;)

Enjoy your weekend! It is beautiful where I am...

05 June 2010


de Gournay

via Little Green Notebook

Michael S Smith, Inc.

Gracie Studio

Tory Burch's Entry via Vogue

via Decor Pad
Chinosierie - ahhhh. The word just makes me swoon. It is so eloquent and just sounds glamorous. I have always loved the timeless look of most chinosierie pieces, especially hand-painted wallpaper. The amazing craft and attention to detail to this day blows my mind. It would be, for me, a total luxury!

It's the weekend - yay!