26 August 2010

Feather Your Nest...

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Chanel via Simply Seductive

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via Simply Seductive

Every time I think of feathers it makes me recall an afternoon my freshman year in high school. My mom came to pick me up from school and my comical life-long friend, Michael Fulweber, needed a ride home. He got in the car and muttered, "Tickle your ass with a feather" to which my mom was aghast! She asked him what he had said and he quickly replied, "Particularly nice day for the weather". Obviously I was bowled over laughing. Funny guy - he still cracks me up today with his quick and silly wit!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

20 August 2010

Tottie Time...

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via Nuevo Estilo via Coco + Kelley

The wet bar...what a necessary design aesthetic! Surprisingly enough, the bottles of alcohol and wine can be displayed in such a fun way. All the different colors in the labels and the various bottle shapes make for unique arrangements that my eyes personally always drift towards if not to scour the available options, but to check out the above mentioned wild variations. And I will certainly be able to use a tottie myself around sun down tonight - it has been a long week! After getting locked in a bathroom of a constuction site to watching a 46" bronze chandelier being dropped during install I think I have earned it. Whew - salud!

Wonderful weekend wishes to everybody! Hopefully you will cheers yours with a nice concoction made from the ingredients of a chic wet bar...

14 August 2010

A Swinging Time...

Louis and one of his girlfriends - Peaches!

Photograph by Melanie Acevedo via Under a Paper Moon

via Belle Maison via Dress Design Decor

How whimsical is this? Wouldn't swinging furniture inside of the house be a hoot! I doubt I would ever have it inside my home, but it is fun to daydream. I would love to be relaxing on the suspended design featured in Belle Maison. How divine is that!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and equally relaxing weekend...

04 August 2010

Kennel Up...

Tory Burch's Bunk Room via Vogue via Habitually Chic

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I have been working on a big home that has five bedrooms with king sized beds in each room and a bunk room. Being 36 and one of the only single adults in a very big family I am often relegated to the "bunk room" due to the fact that I am not married. For this reason I have become extremely sensitive to how bunk rooms are designed. Most clients assume these rooms will only be used for children. Sometimes (if you are 36 & single!) that is not the case. I have made sure the bunk room I am working on has top of the line mattresses, feather beds, down pillows, heights in between the bottom and top bunk are adult friendly and full sized mattresses on the bottom. Bring on the bunks - I'd be happy to kennel up in this room!