25 January 2011

Head Shot Art...

Samantha Boardman via Vogue

via The DB Files

via Elle Decor

Belgian Pearls via Things That Inspire

Source Unknown
Source Unknown

Art! The finishing touch of a space. It is so underrated and unfortunately often avoided simply because people often do not trust their own taste. I believe that if you ever see a piece of art that moves you (and is in a reasonable price range!) snatch it up. I adore the art in the above images not only because they are all funky pieces, but mainly because I am not sure I would have the courage to purchase a piece of art that uses someone or something else's head as a subject. Hmmm - I bet I have just unknowingly set myself up? I wonder if there is a dog portrait or mixed media Audrey piece of art in my near future???
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21 January 2011

The Midas Touch...

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via Coco + Kelley

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Isn't adding a touch of gold just glamorous and lovely? I think I am so drawn to it because I love the warmth in gold? I always tend to choose frames with slight gold leafing over the silver leafing and I probably lean that way with furniture, too. I say be a little excessive and add a touch of gold to your decor. And I must admit that I am never afraid to add a little gold to my outfits (or feet in particular!). I think Midas may have been a little ahead of his time and I am certain I could have put him to good use!
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17 January 2011

Walk This Way...


Mariette Himes Gomez

Phoebe Howard

Source Unknown


Please do not neglect your hallways people!! They are such great spaces to personalize. You can have so much fun with a theme, pictures, bookshelves, repeated light fixtures and so on. Often people opt to do the "rooms" of their homes first and the hallways end up being something to attend to at a later date. I believe that they are spaces that really need to be thought out with the initial plan because they are so important for the flow of the home. And dogs love lounging there!
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11 January 2011

Checkers Anyone?...

J.K.Place Capri Hotel

Christy Dillard

Source Unknown

Sloan Mauran

Christy Dillard via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle

Suzanne Kasler

via Daily Diva Dish

Anytime I have a client who wants to remove existing black and white tile it is like fingernails going down a chalkboard to me. It is such a beautiful classic design that has been around for ages and I for one am a huge advocate of them. I think the contrast of black and white is so striking and beautiful, yet the entire look works as such a neutral setting that you can really direct the look in any direction you prefer. The options if you are laying the tile initially are endless - straight, on the bias, with a border or without. Please preserve original tiles if you are lucky enough to be a home owner that falls in that category - they were on to something back then!

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09 January 2011

Back to Work...

Samantha Boardman's Office via Habitually Chic

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04 January 2011

Creme and Grey...

Sloan Mauran


via Houzz

Gerrie Bremermann via Southern Accents

Emporio Armani

The Mill House

Source Unknown

via Elements of Style

Orlando Diaz-Azcuy

Michael S. Smith

Meredith O'Donnell


Singita Game Reserves

The color combination of gray and creme is very calming and classic to me. It is a very soothing palate and one I often come back to as it is very neutral, yet not as striking as black and white. I love it in fashion as well as interiors. I am also a fan of warmer greys as opposed to cooler ones.
Happy Hump Day to everyone!...