25 January 2011

Head Shot Art...

Samantha Boardman via Vogue

via The DB Files

via Elle Decor

Belgian Pearls via Things That Inspire

Source Unknown
Source Unknown

Art! The finishing touch of a space. It is so underrated and unfortunately often avoided simply because people often do not trust their own taste. I believe that if you ever see a piece of art that moves you (and is in a reasonable price range!) snatch it up. I adore the art in the above images not only because they are all funky pieces, but mainly because I am not sure I would have the courage to purchase a piece of art that uses someone or something else's head as a subject. Hmmm - I bet I have just unknowingly set myself up? I wonder if there is a dog portrait or mixed media Audrey piece of art in my near future???
Happy Tuesday to all!...

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