25 February 2010

Cozy Up...

Coco Chanel's Reproduction Apartment

Aerin Lauder's Study via Elle Decor

Rob Southern via House Beautiful

Jan Showers & Associates

Todd Romano Alexander

Todd Yoggy Interior Design

Aerin Lauder's Study via Elle Decor

I am a Texas girl and I definitely prefer the hot over the cold! Well, I really prefer incredibly mild Spring days in the South that take your breath away, but more on that later. During the winter months I find myself longing to be comfortable and warm (which usually translates to being in my sweats!). I am the girl who takes an extra sweatshirt and socks to put on under my Havianas to the movie theater.

I am currently working on a project in Colorado and have found myself in a cabin without heat for the past two mornings due to maintenance issues. All I am able to think about is being cozy and warm! I usually imagine a rich, dark color on the walls with wall to wall carpeting, heavy on the upholstered furniture when visualizing a cozy area. A fireplace to boot is always a nice detail.

I hope everyone stays warm and cozy this weekend! I have an expected low of 13 with snow. Burrrrrrito!

19 February 2010

White Wash...

Windsor Smith

Traditional Home

Source Unknown

via This is Glamorous

Laura S Mitchell Interior Design

Source Unknown

Light bathrooms always are a hit. White has a connotation of cleanliness and a feeling of calm. The mirrors, glass and lighter toned marbles allow you to pull this look off - sometimes for a pretty penny! Of course there are many tricks of the trade to attain the look on a budget. Designing a bathroom can be such a joy and so much fun!

Happy weekend to all!

15 February 2010

Meet Louis...

Mister Lou! My 10 and a half year old Papillon, which is French for butterfly (hence the rather large ears), who brings me more happiness than I ever thought imaginable! He is such a wonderful companion. He weighs eight pounds but definitely thinks he weighs 100 pounds when it comes to other canines. He is an avid traveler and goes with me everywhere. He is such a joy in my life and I love him something terrible. Little Lou - he's got my number...

13 February 2010

What Dreams Are Made Of...

The Holiday

Elle Decor

Sunrise Ruffalo

Kerry Joyce Associates

Katie Ridder

Laura Casey Interiors

Phoebe Howard

I always think children's bedrooms should have a touch of whimsy to encourage their imaginations! A very happy place! They are rooms that should be magical, functional and still peaceful all at once. I hope you enjoy the images i have posted...

Happy Valentine's weekend!!!

12 February 2010

Love is in the Air...

Happy Valentine's Weekend to everyone!!!!

04 February 2010

Sweet Dreams...

Phoebe Howard

Sarah Scaglione

Brooke Gianetti of Velvet & Linen

Phoebe Howard

I love a comfortable bedroom and think they are one of the most important rooms when designing a home. It is an investment that I do not believe should be overlooked. I love draped fabric on extra high bedskirts and canopies on beds - they are treats to be enjoyed and just beckon you into a room. Often I find that clients want to spend their budget elsewhere, leaving their bedroom for a project to be tackled later down the road. And often the bedrooms are neglected for too long before being touched again. We spend at least six to seven hours in them a day to restore our bodies. I want my bedroom to be a room I step into and feel great about - even if I will just be sleeping in there! My oasis...

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!