25 February 2010

Cozy Up...

Coco Chanel's Reproduction Apartment

Aerin Lauder's Study via Elle Decor

Rob Southern via House Beautiful

Jan Showers & Associates

Todd Romano Alexander

Todd Yoggy Interior Design

Aerin Lauder's Study via Elle Decor

I am a Texas girl and I definitely prefer the hot over the cold! Well, I really prefer incredibly mild Spring days in the South that take your breath away, but more on that later. During the winter months I find myself longing to be comfortable and warm (which usually translates to being in my sweats!). I am the girl who takes an extra sweatshirt and socks to put on under my Havianas to the movie theater.

I am currently working on a project in Colorado and have found myself in a cabin without heat for the past two mornings due to maintenance issues. All I am able to think about is being cozy and warm! I usually imagine a rich, dark color on the walls with wall to wall carpeting, heavy on the upholstered furniture when visualizing a cozy area. A fireplace to boot is always a nice detail.

I hope everyone stays warm and cozy this weekend! I have an expected low of 13 with snow. Burrrrrrito!

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