29 September 2011

Chinoserie Up...

de Gournay

India Foster via Stylebeat

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via Southern Accents

Nancy Braithwaite

Aerin Lauder's office

If you have ever read my blog you may know that I am very drawn to chinoserie. I love the art that is depicted on furniture, wallpaper, objects - basically anything that it could be applied. I am always amazed at the amount of detail that goes into this work and, of course, the overall aesthetic. Chinoserie to me is graceful on the eyes because of the movement, yet it still encompasses enough detail to be intriguing. I try to imagine the patience of the artist to be able to create these masterpieces - wow. That is inspiring to me.

Enjoy your weekend!...

25 September 2011

Showing Your Stuff...

via House Beautiful

Martha Stewart



Be warned - you have to be SUPER organized to pull this one off! The glass door on the refrigerator is such a great look, but it is a window into a place that you may not want some people to see! Being uber organized (lining up labels on bottled water organized) I am certain that I could swing it. I love opening my fridge and seeing the pretty blueberries in the bowl. Fridgescaping! On the other hand I have some clients that I would no more suggest this appliance as an option than installing a bath tub in the front yard!

It's a beautiful Monday here - happy happy!

19 September 2011

Red-eeee for Fall...

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Seasons are a changing - get ready! Fall is almost here weather (haha!) you like it or not. Once it actually settles in here in Texas (which could not be until November!) it is so very enjoyable. Autumn is known for cooling temperatures and heavier colors. Throwing in a pop of red has enough weight to hold the eye down without being too outspoken - a demure move yet still bold enough to hold interest. I'm off for a bike ride in my red skinnies and my leopard heels - yeah, right! But I may throw may red lip gloss in my bag?!

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11 September 2011

Towel Bar Conspiracy...

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Katie Lee Joel


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Luis Puerto via Nuevo Estilo

Neisha Crossland via La Dolce Vita

Hmmmmm....OK, personally I think the towel bars on the front of the vanities look quite sharp. Realistically, I know that if I arrived home from dinner & my skirt braised the towel hanging in front of the vanity I would consider the perfectly clean towel dirty. I am a germaphobe -what can I say? For me they would work if I were able to change into a clean nightgown before arraigning the towel, but how realistic is this? Hmmmmm again....What do you all think?

Happy happy Monday!!!!!...