11 January 2011

Checkers Anyone?...

J.K.Place Capri Hotel

Christy Dillard

Source Unknown

Sloan Mauran

Christy Dillard via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle

Suzanne Kasler

via Daily Diva Dish

Anytime I have a client who wants to remove existing black and white tile it is like fingernails going down a chalkboard to me. It is such a beautiful classic design that has been around for ages and I for one am a huge advocate of them. I think the contrast of black and white is so striking and beautiful, yet the entire look works as such a neutral setting that you can really direct the look in any direction you prefer. The options if you are laying the tile initially are endless - straight, on the bias, with a border or without. Please preserve original tiles if you are lucky enough to be a home owner that falls in that category - they were on to something back then!

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