10 January 2012

To Wine or Not to Wine?...

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Sandra Nunnerley

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Thomas Pheasant


James Michael Howard

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Wow - how lovely would it be to have such a budget to design and have your very own wine cellar? I finally visited Napa two years ago and absolutely fell in love! The weather is impeccable with a pretty amazing backdrop to boot. I have been able to learn a bit about wine over the past several years and I love learning all the interesting facts that come with it (although retaining the facts is another story). The details necessary that go into designing a room to store wine properly are unbelievably specific, even daunting. Thank goodness there are designers who specialize only in wine cellars to help those of us who would accidentally overlook details that seem minor to a non-collector. Be careful - that mistake could cost you!!!

Happy Tuesday!...

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