07 November 2011

LSMID - It's Finally Here...

Laura S Mitchell Interior Design

Laura S Mitchell Interior Design

Laura S Mitchell Interior Design

I have FINALLY finished and launched my updated website and I am very excited! I have worked on it for much longer than originally anticipated and I feel as if a load has been lifted to finally have it out there in cyberspace :) That being said, this post is much more "toot your own horn" than is typically my style, but I have worked so hard on it that I feel like it is justified in this case. My main goal with my updated website was to show the variation in styles and projects because it is so very important to me to have my client's homes custom fitted to their particular lifestyle and taste. Hopefully I have accomplished my goal in my reader's eyes.

The final product could not have been accomplished without all the talented people who helped me and for them I am so grateful! All the interior photography was done by my close, very talented friend, Megan Thompson Lovoi - thank you! And I have to give a VERY loud shout out to Ketan Pavle, my extremely patient and talented website designer who is most likely still in shock at the amount of details that a human is capable of picking apart - thank you Ketan - you rock! Carol Junell took my portrait, and I specifically asked her if she could work some magic because the only picture I have ever taken and liked was a portrait she did my senior year in high school almost 20 years prior! Not to mention that Carol is a very well known photographer here in Houston and has produced many beautiful photos for many people over the years. Thank goodness for photo shop and lots of takes on this subject!

Please visit Laura S Mitchell Interior Design and let me know what you think.

Happy Monday!...

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