06 February 2013

Gather Round the Fire...

Ralph Lauren

Elle Decor

Public Hotel Chicago

Jeffery Billhuber
Kelly Wearstler

Michele Bonan

Markham Roberts

Mariette Himes Gomez

Source Unknown

via The Fuller View

via Casa Tres Chic

This kind of weather - well, I guess I mean hot and then freezing! - makes me want to grab my computer and just pin away by the fire with a cozy blanket and mt little dog, Louis.
January was a wash for me.  After the initial shock I was in from the absolute craziness of Christmas,  my husband and I closed on a new house!  Shortly after that I was bed bound for almost two weeks with what I believe was the flu - uuuggghh.  And on top of all of it, Santa brought me a new Mac and so I have been spending the past month having a love/hate relationship with not only the mac, but the man who gave me the wonderful gift!!!!  In long, please forgive my absence the past few weeks and I am back to work now.  Going to head over towards the fire now...

So happy reading!...

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