20 August 2012

Straight As An Arrow...

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Source Unknown

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Phoebe Howard via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

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I have done several projects lately dealing with swimming pools & the process of a pool can be very overwhelming - especially if you have not done it before. There are choices you must make that are pretty much irreversible unless money is no object. The good news is that all pools usually turn out to be aesthetically pleasing - even the most unaesthetically pleasing ones - on a very hot day! One rule of thumb I try to stick with in all areas of my life is to simplify. Go back to square one and simplify. Do you want straight or rounded? Light or dark? Flush or raised? My favorite is a dark pool flush in the grass with a very simple shape. As with everything, the options are endless so straighten out as many details as you are able before beginning & take notes when visiting other pools around you. And remember the most important part - the lighting!

Happy Monday!....

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