09 August 2012

Sofa Color Wheel...



Miles Redd via Domino

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Source Unknown

I am about to be furnishing a place across the world from home that will be "temporary", but still needs to feel comfortable and like a home.  I am strongly considering doing some wild colored furniture that would be harder for me to do in a place I knew was permanent.  In the past I have usually erred on the side of practicality over whimsy, but the longer I am in the field the more I learn that just because you commit to a color that "you may grow tired of", you just as easily may become bored with straight up practicality.  The truth of the matter is that a sofa upholstery, although it can be quite an investment and a gut wrenching bomb (ie: the neon bandwagon!) something fun and different may also bring you very much happiness each day when you walk into your home and it catches your eye.  Hmmm...stay tuned!

Happy Weekend!...

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