28 July 2012

Concrete...To Pour or Not to Pour?

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Gwyenth Palthrow's Kitchen

Well, well, well, there is quite a debate about concrete counters versus natural stone counters versus the silestones, etc.  Personally, I love the look of the concrete.  I will not install many granites anymore and I have just finished a project with the kargest island I have ever seen & the counters are fabulous!  They are Ceasarstone.  I go back and forth.  My sister-in-law just had to remove her center island concrete surface becauce of the foundation issues alwyas shifting and caausing it to crack.  If and when I ever get to do my own kitchen I will be stuck!  What do you al think of the counters?  Which are your favorites?  I had better start thinking!!!!

Happy Weekend!...

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