27 November 2011

Dressing for the Holidays...

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via {this is glamorous}

Erin Festerson by Juicy Couture

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Oh Christmastime! I love it! I love the cheer, the clothes, fetching the mail, targeting the perfect gift, baking cookies and decorating my home. What a wonderful time of year! All of the parties and festivities can create a bit of stress due to the fact that there is barely time to remember your name during December, so planning an outfit usually falls at the bottom of the priority list. Going with your standard holiday colors (red, green, black, white, silver or gold) always works and if you are feeling a little crazy play off of those colors and go with hot pink instead of red or fluorescent green instead of a hunter green. Have fun with it and remember what the season is about. Most importantly spending time with the people around you - not what you have on - is what counts!

Happy Tuesday!...

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