05 October 2011

Things Are Looking Up...

Bear Hill Interiors

Bear Hill Interiors

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Elizabeth Gordon

Katie Ridder

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I vividly remember really noticing wallpaper on the ceilings for the first time at the Hart's home when I was in college. The impact that the William Morris wallpaper on every wall in the Powder Bath was stunning. I have loved it and noticed it often ever since that particular epiphany. I have often offered it as a suggestions to various clients over the years, but I find that many are nervous to commit to it or hesitant to pay for something they may consider an unnecessary extra. The clients who have committed experience the whimsical pleasure of an extra detail that can really pack a punch! If you read this blog then you know I am a big wallpaper fan. Now you know I am a fan of applying it to the ceiling in some circumstances. Regardless, I believe the ceilings are very important parts of a whole room (obviously!) and stress that it is important to treat them as so. This could be with a particular paint, a treatment or as mentioned above, wallpaper!

Happy Thursday! Off to Dallas. Go Horns!...

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