25 August 2011

Tuft Me, I'm Yours...

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Orlando Diaz-Azcuy

Meredith O'Donnell

{this is glamorous}

{this is glamorous}

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S.R. Gambrel

Upholstery details are so much fun! I have always had a thing for tufting. Visually it is just pleasing to the eye. There are several different ways to have a piece of furniture tufted, giving the client endless options. The buttons can be covered in the same fabric as the furniture, they can be covered in a contrasting fabric to give the piece a little more detail, or there can be ties made. I have a wonderful upholsterer who offers me suggestions that I often would not come up with on my own. I love the fact that if I am stumped I always know that I can work with him to come up with something fab! Thank you Brian!!!

Happy Friday!...


  1. Hi Laura,

    This has got to be one of my favorite posts of yours so far! I especially love the cream and blush living room with a crystal chandelier. It's a bit frilly but not so much that it's hopeless to convince my fiancé... ;)


  2. Thank you Nina! I love the tufting detail on upholstery. The creme and blush shot with the crystal chandelier is actually Jennifer Lopez's bedroom, but from the angle it is photographed it definitely could be interpreted as a living room. I think pink is often stereotyped as feminine & certainly does not have to be! Let me know how convincing goes :)