10 July 2011

Pretty Little Things...

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Elizabeth Dinkel

Source Unknown

Hotel Crillon

Katie Lee Joel via Town & Country

I always have fun putting together vanities or bathroom counters because of all the fun little accessories. I am a candle junkie, I love fresh flowers and I am very big on the importance of lamp or sconce lighting. The above, I believe, makes for a visually enticing use of space. The soaps, the jewelry, the make-up, the mirrors - ahhhh, lovely! I unfortunately have all of my jewelry put away, but when I do see it I am always thrilled to see all the beautiful pieces I have collected over the years along with the different compartments that hold the keepsakes - each a different memory and meaning. Makes me happy. Oh, the little things...

Happy Monday to you all! Be sure to look at something that makes you happy today...

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