22 July 2011

Funky Bold Medina

Blue Print Store via Marcus Design

1st Dibs via Delight by Design

Melissa Rufty

via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle

Kristen Buckingham

via Lonny

Liz Caan


via Delight by Design

Miles Redd

Bold design choices can be so much fun and have such an amazing impact on the particular space! Naturally, we all lean towards "safer" choices when it comes to paint colors, fabric choices, light fixtures, paint finishes, rug options - you catch my drift. But, some of the most memorable, custom-made spaces are compiled of decisions that almost certainly caused the designer a good amount and stress to achieve, yet once these ideas are formed and translated from an idea to an actual room they are able have the most fabulous effect. My biggest challenge is the process of holding the client's hand and persuading them to TRUST that the final product will, in fact, be fabulous! Once this goal is accomplished it is smooth sailing with said client from that day forward - and that is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. I love my job!

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