11 December 2010

It's A Wrap...

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Holiday wrapping is one of my favorite activities of the season. Heck - I love wrapping gifts all year long! I am a believer that the presentation of the package is just as important as its contents. This is obviously my creative side at work. I have had the same holiday wrapping style for years - silver paper with creme silk bows and a simple industrial tag with the note in silver paint pen. Often I attach an ornament or some sort of fun detail to jazz it up. Consistency is key for me. It makes me happy to have all of my gifts wrapped and sitting under my tree awaiting delivery. My good friend, Courtney Gay, is a master of wrapping gifts. Just last night at a wedding shower I was admiring the gift she brought all dressed up - she had it wrapped in a pretty green paper with a coordinating grograin bow with a piece of a peacock feather attached which is apparently good luck - clever - loved it! Ahhh - the joys of getting kicks from simple creative tasks!

Happy Sunday to all!...

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